Child Nutrition


  • We provide you with PERSONALIZED CUSTOMIZED DIET PLANS AND EXERCISE ROUTINE as per your preferences, choices, availability ,ethnicity ,region, locality.
  • It works on the principle that “ONE SIZE DOSEN’T FIT ALL”. Diet is planned as per your body type, health concerns ,signs ,symptoms ,biochemical reports ,case study ,medical history ,body composition. Once you enrol your health from head to toe becomes our responsibility.
  • Before starting plan we’ll do your tests on 1st  day and after every week we again do your,once a month DO SONOGRAPHY and thyroid test so as to compare before /after  reports.
  • We keep monitoring your weekly and take updates daily so that we can reach your goals as you stay focused and accountable to us.
  • Plans are flexible we provide you with 4-5 meals a day, so no starving. Plans are designed as per AYURVEDA, ANCIENT MEDICINE, and MODERN SCIENCE.
  • Following NUTRINIKS diet plans will not make you feel like dieting ,your hunger appetite and satiety won’t be compromised.
  • We have a holistic approach towards your health.
  • EVERY DAY NEW PLAN so that you don’t get bored eating same food daily also we make sure that you get maximum nutrition.

Nutrition is important at every age. Your children need proper nutrients stay healthy and strong, and grow up healthy and strong. Nutrition for children can also help establish a foundation for healthy eating habits and nutritional knowledge that your child can apply throughout life.

Stunting is the result of chronic or recurrent undernutrition in-utero and early childhood. Children suffering from stunting may never reach their full possible height nor their full cognitive potential. Stunted children not only earn less as adults as a result of less schooling and learning difficulties when in school, but they are also more likely to be at risk of overweight and obesity than children of normal height.

Wasting is a life-threatening condition attributable to poor nutrient intake and/or disease. Characterized by a rapid deterioration in nutritional status over a short period of time, children suffering from wasting have weakened immunity, increasing their risk of death due to greater frequency and severity of common infection, particularly when severe.

Nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are attributable to undernutrition but the face of malnutrition, in all its forms, is rapidly changing, with childhood overweight an escalating epidemic of global proportions. Overweight is the result of a growing number of children living in obesogenic environments with greater availability of processed foods and a more sedentary lifestyle.

NUTRINIKS provides you with customized diet plan for CHILD NUTRITION with quick yet tasty meals considering growing age of  your child making sure their cravings and their mood swings.

*Along with CHILD HEALTH  we will also address their mental health,brain health,

NUTRINIKS is a perfect platform to healthybeautyfy yourself.